Staying safe and healthy


Olden’s makes senior living in Weymouth and the South Shore as CONVENIENT as possible, which is what we’re all looking for, right? Whether you’re a senior who has questions about your Medicare program, or you're a son/daughter caring for elderly parents, we’re here for you. Come in and ask all your questions or call us (781) 337-0187!

You’d be amazed at the amount of elder care products we supply, we're the premier seller of elder care products on the South Shore! We’ll get you fitted for the exact cane, walker or bathroom safety product you require.

Be sure to inquire about our delivery service too. If you’re local to Weymouth or the South Shore, we’ll gladly drop off your prescription (or any other pharmacy product/gift) right to your door step.

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Diabetic Comfort:

If you or a loved one are suffering from Diabetes, you know how complicated keeping healthy can be with medications, special diets, monitoring blood glucose and even footcare.The correct set of diabetic shoes are important to improving quality of life with this disease. Olden’s has a Diabetic Shoe Store with certified fitter, Penny Trancucci. She will help relieve your foot pains and allow you to regain comfort and motion in your everyday life.

Penny will do a complimentary custom shoe and sock fitting for you when you arrive. Her 20+ years’ experience as a foot specialist means you’ll walk out of Olden’s with the perfect-fitting set of diabetic shoes, and diabetic socks.

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