More than a Local Pharmacy, we're here to serve you & your family


We truly care about the people in the Weymouth and the South Shore, you have been our friends and neighbors for over 63 years. We combine the newest and safest technologies, products and medical industry knowledge with good old-fashioned one-on-one communication. We want to ensure you’re receiving the best medical information by a trusted friend and expert who will be on the other end of the phone the next time you call.

We’ve been loyally serving our friends who are patrons and employees of the South Shore Hospital for years as well. We have a wealth of unbiased knowledge in elder and family care that you need to hear. If you have ANY questions about the medical insurance program that you’re on, come on in and we’ll make sure you understand it. Olden’s does accept all major types of medical insurance, if you’re unsure, just give us a ring (781) 337-0187 and we’ll help you out.

We've got your insurance, just check this handy list

“ We’re just trying to provide services that other local pharmacies seem to have forgotten about. One-on-one consultation, local delivery and relationships. We’re all a community here in Weymouth and we need to help each other out. ”