If you're feeling under the weather, check our symptom relief chart below

Seasonal changes bring about many different symptoms that you need relief for. If you need relief from any of the symptoms below, check our chart and look into our home delivery service if you can't make it into the store. 


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Table 1
Symptom Hydrate Vaporizer/Humidifier Suppress Cough Encourage Cough Acetaminophen vs. Ibuprofin Nasal Decongestants Antihistamines Non-Prescription Medication Suggestions
Chest Cough X X   X       Mucinex Guiafenesin Robitussin Plain
Throat Cough X X X     X*   Delsym Dextromethorphan/Robitussin DM/Menthol Cough Drops
Aches/Pains         Advil w/ food**     Ibuprofen w/ food
Headache X X     Advil w/ food/Tylenol**     Acetominophen ok on empty stomach/Ibuprofen w/ food
Sinus Headache/Nasal Congestion/Stuffy Nose X X     Advil w/ food X   Generic Sudafed***- day only and Ibuprofen
Fatigue X             Rest. Fluids. Small meals even if not hungry. Ensure- Gatorade
Fever X       Tylenol/Acetamenophen Advil w/ food****     Rest. Fluids. Small meals even if not hungry. Ensure-Gatorade
Sneezing/Runny Nose X X         X Claritin=Loratadine -Day/Zyrtec=Cetrizine- Day/Benadryl- Diphenhydramine- Bedtime
Watery Eyes X X         X Claritin=Loratadine -Day/Zyrtec=Cetrizine- Day/Benadryl- Diphenhydramine- Bedtime
Sore Throat X X     Acetaminophen X*   Tylenol=Acetaminophen can be taken without food. Throat spray or drops with Benzocaine

* Some throat coughs and sore throats are due to post-nasal drip… which is helped by a nasal decongestant.
** Read the Olden’s Tylenol vs. Advil Blog
*** Sudafed ( behind the RX counter) is psuedoephedrine more effective than Sudafed ( on the store shelves) which is phenylephrine
**** Read the Alternating Tylenol and Motrin Doses for Decreased Side Effects Blog