Olden's Pharmacy Insurance Guide

Olden’s Pharmacy Insurance Guide

Wondering if Olden’s Pharmacy honors your prescription insurance? Maybe you finally decided to join your friends, family and neighbors and bring your prescription to the South Shore’s  leading independent pharmacy. Or perhaps you are one of our valued patrons and your insurance recently changed.  Chances are we do accept your insurance, Olden’s Pharmacy honors Blue Cross, Harvard Pilgrim, Aetna, Cigna, Masshealth, most Medicare Part D plans and MANY other insurance plans.

It’s EASY to find out if Olden’s Pharmacy honors your prescription health insurance. Grab your prescription card, locate the PBM name or the BIN # and use the chart below. This list is not exhaustive, it contains the most popular programs we cover. If you do not see your insurance listed below, please call us at (781) 337-0187

PBM/Network NameBIN #
CVS/ Caremark | PHS Caremark 004336, 610239
Advance PCS 004336, 610415
Express Scripts 003858, 610014
Medimpact 003585, 015574
MassHealth-Medicaid/ACS 009555
Preferred Solutions | Optum Rx | Prescription Solutions 610097, 610494
Paid Prescriptions 610014
Humana Medicare 015581, 610649
Argus Health Systems, Restat 600428, 600471
Catamaran Rx 603286, 610593
ACS, US Script 610084, 008019
United HealthCare 610279
Aetna 610502
Rx Options | Envision 009893
Cigna, Cigna-ture Rx Medicare 012353, 017010
Medco-now Express Scripts 610014
SXC Health Solutions 610011, 003650