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Olden's Pharmacy Manages Healthcare Confusion with New Programs

Posted by Joan MacArthur on Dec 2, 2014 9:21:53 AM

Screenshot_2014-12-02_09.07.26At Olden's Pharmacy, we watched from our front windows with sadness when the Fogg Library closed and we celebrated with the community at the library's re-opening.  Although elated with the outcome, we did become mindful that Olden's plight could be the same as the library's.

Built in 1897, the Fogg library was envisioned as an educational and social center of Columbian Square in South Weymouth. But over the years, people moved further away from the square, and patronized other libraries with greater resources. Money for renovations became scarce, and with no internet for research or new books for circulation, this gem in the heart of Columbian square lost its mission. Thankfully, the community realized the loss, recognized the need for a historic center, and meticulously restored the library's physical and community stature.

Olden's Pharmacy has been serving the healthcare needs of the South Shore for over 60 years. Our customer- focused, community-anchored approach has yielded loyal customers and a great reputation. But as with the library, people have moved away from the Square, or they patronize other pharmacies for insurance or convenience reasons.

Olden's can't count on community fund raising to maintain our mission. Maintaining our high level of customer service and merchandising our store to create a pleasant shopping experience has worked for years, but that's like the library with no internet or new books. Today our customers need us to be more than friendly and efficient. Olden's Pharmacy needs to demonstrate to the community our mission, our value, our commitment  if we want to retain our community stature. 

Olden's Pharmacy's mission: An independent, customer focused approach to improve health and well-being in our community. 

The rise in technology and insurance mandates have given patients more healthcare options. Unfortunately, these current trends have left many patients feeling less in control of their healthcare. Our patients are seeing multiple practitioners, all prescribing medications electronically. They are receiving diagnoses of disease states and need help implementing treatment and compliance plans. Our elderly are home from the hospital within days of major surgeries or injury and need ways to stay safe in their homes. Multiple prescriptions, new diagnoses, and early discharges are overwhelming patients with information and data but no direction to meet their need. 

Olden's Pharmacy's value: The ablility to organize and manage our patients healthcare information and needs by combining the newest technologies, our medical knowledge, our excellent reputation with the area's providers and South Shore Hospital and good old fashioned one-on one communication.

If Olden's Pharmacy is true to its mission, then Olden's needs to be the hub for all healthcare information. A central location where the information can be organized, managed and used to deliver the highest quality healthcare.  

A prescription gets sent electronically to the pharmacy. What information was used in determining the prescribing of this medication? (Diagnoses, lab values, medication history)  What is the expected outcome from this medication? (a cure, alleviation of symptoms, long-term maintainance for a chronic illness). Armed with this information the patient will understand the need for the therapy and the expected outcome. 

Olden's Pharmacy's commitment: To increase our patients understanding of their diseases and medication treatments to better their healthcare outcomes. 

Olden's has been checking for drug interactions, duplicate therapy, incorrect dosing, and appropriate prescribing for years. Basically, we have been watching over the medications, but not really involving our patients. To solve this we have created several new programs.

Olden's Pharmacy New Programs:

Med-Sync This program makes all refills due the same day each month. Once registered we take care of calling the MD's for refills, fill all your prescriptions, and arrange for pick-up or delivery.

This program is designed to help patients organize their medications,  but it also increases compliance. No forgotten meds, no lapses in therapy because the patient lacked refills. It is a free program, that can be started with a phone call. 

Brown-Bag Program The patient gathers all medications, places them in a bag, and brings them to the pharmacy ( home visits can also be arranged). We create a current med-list for the patient and note the reason for taking. Additionally, Olden's recommends the best time to take the medication and what combinations to avoid. We will check for therapeutic duplication, and outdated or discontinued meds. Once organized, the accurate med list can be posted in an easy place, for example, the patient's refrigerator.

This is a medication identification program that answers the questions, what, why and when for all  the patient's prescriptions. The knowledge gained through this organizational program increases patients confidence and compliance. This program also works great for patients interested in transferring prescriptions to Olden's. There is no fee for this service. 

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Patients get one-to one education on their disease and prescriptions. The program requires two sessions, an information gathering session, and an education session. Additionally, our pharmacists will contact the prescriber(s) and gather disease state information and lab values. Sessions can be done over the phone, or in-store but require a set appointment time. Some insurance companies are paying for these programs for certain high-risk patients. We will offer the program at no charge to those not covered by insurance. 

Designed to give patients the time and attention they need to fully understand their disease, and medication therapy. This program is geared to Diabetes, High cholesterol, Osteoporosis-Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer's, and  Congestive Hart Failure (CHF), but can be tailored to anyone seeking more information about their medications or disease state. 

Daily Dose Packaging ( Blisterpacking) Patients who have trouble opening or keeping track of the correct vials for morning, noon, evening and bedtime dosing benefit from this program. We combine the med-sync program with daily dose packaging. Weekly blisterpacks are dispensed with 28 individual blisters containing the patient's prescribed medication for a specific time and date. See www.dispill-usa.com for video of the packaging.  

This program is designed to keep a patient independent. No more worries about confusing medications, or missed doses. Pricing is contingent on the number of meds but for most patient's it is  an affordable, reliable solution. 

Diabetic Shoe Program Extra width, extra depth shoes available to diabetics (often at no or low cost) or to those with foot ailments. Diabetes causes nerve damage and reduced circulation that can be hazardous to the feet. These shoes with custom inserts prevent foot complications.

This program was developed in response to a need we saw in the community and is a part of our diabetic education program. Even the smallest blister on a diabetics foot is a cause for concern. A prescription from the patient's physcian or podiatrist is all that is needed for these shoes that will ensure a healthy foot. 

Home Safe Program Free Delivery of any Home Health Care equipment. Bath benches, hand rails, toilet risers, commodes, bed rails and alarms, walkers or transport chairs delivered right to the patient's door. We'll make sure it fits and you know how to use it before we leave. 

Home Health Care equipment and supplies are often most needed when patient's are not able to shop for themselves. This program is designed to make the bath and bedroom safe for our patients.


Olden's Pharmacy is proud of its strong community ties, our reputation, and our mission. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves that we may serve our patients better. We are currently enrolling patients in all of our new program. All it takes is a phone call and we'll start helping you understand and manage your health. 

And PLEASE take time this year to visit the Fogg Library, climb to the second floor for a spectacular view of Columbian Square. Check out a book, and then come on over and check out Olden's Pharmacy!


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