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Press Release: Olden’s Pharmacy Celebrates 2 Million Prescriptions

Posted by Joan MacArthur on Mar 5, 2014 9:20:00 PM

Independent Pharmacy Reaches Milestone by Minding the Past, Focusing on Future

(Originally Released | February 10, 2014) 

Olden's Pharmacy 2 Million Rx

Weymouth, MA:

Olden’s Pharmacy, an independent pharmacy serving Weymouth and the South Shore, filled its two millionth new prescription today. For over 60 years, Olden’s has provided 
its patrons with friendly and dependable prescription service. The second-generation owners –
Paul Hackett, Joan Hackett MacArthur, and Bill MacArthur – have guided the pharmacy from its
soda-fountain days to today’s promotion of health, wellness, and disease prevention.

Reflecting on the two millionth milestone, Paul Hackett said, “This is a chance to look back and
remember our Dad, Fred Hackett, and his mentor Mal Olden. It’s also an opportunity to thank
our wonderful customers, dedicated employees, fellow Columbian Square merchants, and the
Town of Weymouth.”

A month-long celebration with the theme “Our Family, Caring for Yours,” is currently under
way. Customer-appreciation promotions, both in-store and online, are going on now.
Additionally, Olden’s will be thanking the Town of Weymouth with a donation to the newly
renovated Fogg Library.

Olden’s connections to the community have become increasingly important as healthcare and
specifically pharmaceutical care undergo major transformations. For example, Medicare will
soon require pharmacists to adjust care plans for chronic-disease states such as COPD and
diabetes. To accomplish this, a pharmacy must stay up-to-date on the latest medical information,
maintain a strong relationship with the local medical community, and be willing to facilitate
communication among patient, prescriber, and insurer. Olden’s Pharmacy believes this
is "simply an extension of the kind of service we have always championed.”

The pharmacy’s website, www.oldens-pharmacy.com, has become a one-stop shop for healthcare
information. “Before Google, if you had a question, a concern, or just wondered what was
playing at the Cameo Theater, you would call Olden’s. We recently added an online presence so
we could continue to serve as that go-to resource for our customers,” said Joan MacArthur. The
Olden’s website features educational and opinion pieces on the state of healthcare and profiles
prevalent diseases, therapies, and medications. It also includes helpful guides to home health
equipment, suggestions for senior prescription safety, and inventory information. 

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